Xenoblade Chronicles X unveils gameplay footage

Nintendo provided the latest update on Xenoblade Chronicles X from Monolith Soft during today's Nintendo Direct broadcast.

The story of the game sees the inhabitants of the Earth fleeing their home world following a galactic war, before landing full force on an unknown planet. To seek refuge in this mysterious land, fleeing explorers travel the globe and conduct research, using the city of New Los Angeles as a base.

Players will perform quests such as hunting creatures, collecting items scattered around the planet, and responding to resident requests. A wide range of quests will affect the survival of humanity. Some missions will advance the story, others will deepen your connections with friends and others will make small favors for the local population.

Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata describes Xenoblade Chronicles X as a "huge role-playing game" with an even bigger world than Xenoblade Chronicles.

The game will also feature various support features to help the player, such as a GamePad navigation system to search the planet without stress.

A window of publication for the West is still planned for 2015. In Japan, the version of the game was confirmed in the spring of 2015.