Discotek Releasing Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, God Mazinger Anime on January 28

Discotek Media announced on Tuesday the launch of Blu-ray discs for Angel Angel's Dokuro-chan anime and Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy on January 28th. The company will also release standard definition Blu-ray discs for the Bo Bo-Bobo and God Mazinger on the same day.

In addition, Discotek announced January 28 the release of the fourth and last DVD collection of the anime Lupine III: Part II. This set will include the last 38 episodes of the anime (118-155) in Japanese, subtitled in English. Two episodes, directed by Hayao Miyazaki, will also have the original English dubbing.

The Galaxy Express 999 Blu-ray Discotek: Eternal Fantasy will receive a new dub in English by Sound Cadence Studios and offer 1080p high definition. The company had already released the anime on DVD in 2012. Discotek describes the anime:

Tetsuro thought to liberate the Earth from the clutches of the tyranny of the metanoid empire. Yet, one year after his return, Tetsuro is a prisoner of a new tyrant, and this one human! However, before the boy was sentenced to prison, Maetel and 999 fled to the rescue. His freedom, his firearm and his trusty hat being returned to him, Tetsuro reaffirms his desire to save his house. But new darkness is rising to engulf the light, and one of its agents is watching over it. Before the train can leave for a new destination, Tetsuro will face the fearsome Knight Helmazaria! This film is the bridge between Adieu Galaxy Express 999 and The Galaxy Railways, so do not miss this opportunity!

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan is based on Masaki Okayu's novels series. A series of eight episodes of short films was broadcast in 2005, followed by Bokusatsu's second OAV Tenshi Dokuro-chan with four episodes launched in 2007. The release of Discotek Media will feature both Blu-ray Disc series with a sound. in English and Japanese. The release will feature a high-end 1080i. The company describes the anime:

Imagine a world where the secret of immortality was discovered, causing women to stop aging at the age of twelve. Looks like it could be an ideal playground for a discoverer with less than healthy interests, right? That's exactly why Big Man Upstairs sends Dokuro-chan, one of his angelic assassins, in the past to "treat" with the sicko who messed up nature!

But Dokuro-chan decides to settle with his target, Sakura Kusakabe, and keep him too busy to find eternal life. Funny enough, the path of non-violence leads to a fountain of blood, while Dokuro-chan accidentally kills Sakura almost every day to resurrect him moments later with a magical song.

The company will launch Bobobo-bo Bobo-bo as a standard-definition Blu-ray disc game featuring 76 episodes, in English and Japanese, with subtitles. The animated TV series 2003-2006 adapts Yoshio Sawai's great comedy manga. Cartoon Network broadcast the series on US television in 2005 and Viz Media has released some of the original manga. Discotek describes the anime:

In a world where hair is free, only one man is brave enough to defend the follicles of innocent militant troops of the Marble Hunt: BOBOBO-BO BO-BOBO!

Bo-Bobo, her nose hair master, and her bright golden afro team up with a girl named Beauty to defeat the evil Empire and her leader Baldy Bald, the 4th. The riotous adventures of this duo will travel around the world as they meet a group of hilarious and buzzing new friends and erase an even stranger list of enemies. This comic adventure is without a doubt a cup above the rest that will leave you dying with laughter!

Illumitoon Entertainment released some of the anime in 2007, but did not finish the series before completely shutting down the anime. The North American distributor of cartoons S'more Entertainment has released the complete series, but this version did not contain subtitles for the Japanese version.

Discotek will launch God Mazinger on a Blu-ray disc in standard definition. The release will include the 23 episodes of the 1984 anime in Japanese with English subtitles. The company describes the anime:

In the ancient legendary past, the peaceful kingdom of Mu is besieged by the Dragonian warrior empire. With lamentable firepower and only the giant statue of a deity to watch over them, the young Queen Aira and her people are no match for the Dorado, the Golden King and his army of dinosaurs. But Aira reaches out to someone who can save him, a warrior from another time and place. This is Yamato Hino, a middle school student but very sporty in modern Tokyo.

At first, Yamato pen