Gujian 3 now available in English

Publisher Wangyuan Shengtang and developer Aurogon Info & Tech Shanghai have released an update of the RPG Gujian 3 action game, released in December 2018, which adds an English-language option to the title previously in Chinese. It is available via Steam for $ 29.99.

Gujian 3 is the first entry in the Gujian series to be published in English. The Gujian versions released in June 2010 and Gujian 2 only support Simplified Chinese.

Unfortunately, although the game itself is available in English, the description of the Steam page for the game has not been translated into English.

Two new language options:
Traditional Chinese and English. Enter "Settings" in the title page and select your language in the "Preferences" page.

New mini-game:
"Legends of the Scallions". After completing the Big Family III side quest, the Legends of the Scallions mini-game can be activated by interacting with the photo album on the wooden table near the main house of Lotuscape.

New mini-game:
"Percy's Great Adventure". Once the Big Family III secondary quest is complete, you can activate the Percy's Great Adventure mini-game by interacting with the photo album on the wooden table near the main house of Lotuscape.

Collected persimmons can be exchanged for the Roll of Dragons called Zero Pines at Lotuscape for 8 reels at Percy's Great Adventure.

The scrolls can be viewed in the "Gold Glilder Gallery" page from the "Lore" page.

New co-promotion content with GujianOL.

50 new co-pro stickers in the camera code, including pretty Gujianol sect figures, cute images of important characters, portrait frames, and more.

15 new furniture co-pro.

Five new accessories co-pro.

Obtain co-professional furniture and accessories with the new Huge Cha dragon tree in Lotuscape after activating the main Onyx Kingdom and Water Ladle quests.

Five different bug fixes.