Kerbal Space Program DLC Breaking Ground launching December 5 for PS4 & Xbox One

The private developer and developer division Squad will launch the Breaking Ground extension of the Kerbal Space program for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 5, the two companies announced. The extension was launched for the PC version on May 30th.

This feature-rich extension is aimed primarily at increasing objective possibilities once the celestial bodies have been reached, adding more interesting scientific efforts and developing the set of tools.

After landing on a celestial body, various data collection equipment can now be used to conduct scientific experiments. During the collection of these data, new surface features added were dispersed throughout the solar system. Players should go in search of scanning or reporting to Kerbin for further examination.

In addition, robotic parts are added! A hinge, a piston, a rotor and a rotating servo of different sizes will be accessible to considerably modify the possibilities of the profession of the players. They all work in realistic physics with real forces and torque, power consumption and even motor mass.

Science deployed: scientific experiments always go hand in hand with space exploration and occupy an even more important place in the Kerbal space program. Players will be able to use a storage container in their boat that can hold various scientific equipment. Once at the destination, players will have to deploy the equipment, which includes a central station, a booster antenna, a solar panel, a weather station, an active seismometer, a RTG, a goo observation and an ion detector. This equipment must be left for a certain time to collect all the scientific data and transmit it to Kerbin. The active seismometer in particular requires players to deliberately crush objects in a celestial body to collect seismic data!

Surface features: A major addition to Breaking Ground is found on celestial bodies scattered throughout the solar system. Meteors, craters, rocky outcrops, cryovolcans and more are now populating the landscape. Even though Kerbals carries smaller surface elements to KSC, the larger ones represent a bigger challenge and will require Kerbals to venture into rovers or send unmanned rovers. By linking the robot's new robotic arm to their mobile, players can scan the broadest surface features to collect important scientific data.

Robotic parts: Robotic parts that have been in demand for a long time will now be available in the Kerbal space program! A hinge, a piston, a rotor and a rotating servo of different sizes will allow the players to take up new challenges and improve the creativity of their trades. To coincide with these new pieces, the addition of a robotic controller system will allow players to coordinate the behavior of all the different parts of their craft.

A new costume: Of course, the always important fashion of Kerbal can never be forgotten. With Breaking Ground, players will receive a new futuristic aesthetic suit, linked to the scientific dimension of this extension.

Take on new challenges with a multitude of additional tools and parts in the second Kerbal Space Program expansion, Breaking Ground. Weather stations, solar panels, etc., allow players to engage in science over time, while exploring mysterious surface features such as cryovolcans with new robotic parts.