My Boy in Blue Manga Ending in 4 Chapters

The December issue of Kodansha's Bessatsu Friend magazine revealed Wednesday that Maki Miyoshi's manga P to JK (My Boy in Blue) would end in four chapters. If there is no delay, the manga will end in March 2020.

The 14th volume of the compiled manga indicated in June that the manga would reach its peak with the 15th volume. The volume was also shipped on Wednesday.

Kodansha Comics began publishing the manga in English in digital form in August 2018, and it describes the story:

Kako gets tangled up when she's lying about her age to attend a business mix night for singles and ends up being completely in love with her young local policeman! And it seems to be reciprocal with Kota ... until he discovers that Kako is still in high school. Read on to see if Kota, a straight arrow, manages to find the way to do the right thing while our story unfolds in the first volume of this new romantic comedy Maki Miyoshi optimistic!

Miyoshi launched the manga in Kodansha's Bessatsu Friend magazine in December 2012. This manga inspired a live film adaptation that began in Japan in March 2017.