Seirou Opera Manga Ends

The December issue of Shogakukan's Betsucomi magazine released Kanoko Sakurakoji's latest Kanoko Sakurakoji (Edo Brothel Opera) manga on Wednesday. In addition, the manga will have a parallel story that will appear in a supplement titled "Seirou Opera Memorial Book" with the next issue of the magazine on December 13th.

The 11th volume of the manga's compiled book has previously revealed that the 12th volume of the manga would be the last. The volume will be shipped on February 26th.

Sakurakoji launched the manga at Betsucomi in January 2015. The manga takes place during the Edo period in the hot area of ​​Yoshiwara and follows Akane, who comes from a samurai family. She lost her family and is sold to a brothel in the district. There, Akane learns to be a courtesan and mixes with a mysterious man.

Sakurakoji finished his manga Last Notes in three volumes in June 2014, after launching it in 2013.

Sakurakoji is known for his supernatural and romantic Black Bird manga, which also shot in Betsucomi and ended in December 2012. Viz Media has released the manga in North America. Viz Media also released the Backstage Prince manga from Sakurakoji in North America, in two volumes.