Utawarerumono: Lost Flag launching in November

Utawarerumono: Lost Flag will be launched on iOS and Android devices in November in Japan, reveals the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu. If you missed it, Utawarerumono: Lost Flag's official Twitter account tweeted various gaming videos, including Rulutieh, Kuon, Akuta, Minagi and an event scene.

- The story unfolds in a different world from the Utawarerumono trilogy. The reason you were summoned by the fog and you find yourself in this world will be clearly explained in the course of history.
- The scenario is something that players look forward to. The goal is to immerse them more in the world as they progress through history.
- Although Aquaplus must have honestly become familiar with some parts of the development of a smartphone, he is grateful for the wisdom and support he has received from many people.
- More than 20 characters will appear. More characters will be added at fixed intervals.
- Although you can create new links with gacha, there are also several characters that you can link without gacha, but rather by advancing the story.
- The rarities of characters are classified by number of stars. By training a character, you can increase the number of stars to the maximum. In this way, even if your favorite character has a small number of stars, you can train them to play an active role in the battle.
- The characters will be reinforced by accumulating experience points. Increasing the number of stars in a character requires specific conditions.