Yo-kai Watch 4++ details

Level-5 has released new information and screenshots for Yo-kai Watch 4 ++, its enhanced version of the original game, featuring multiplayer gameplay, new quests and new yo-kai.

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Human characters being "possessed"!? The protagonist of the film and the new anime appears in "Purapura Blasters"!

In the newly added multiplayer mode, "Purapura Blasters", you start from "Hell Base Blasters" in the new "Cauldron Boiled Hell" (Kamayude Jigoku) area of ​​the Yo-makai world. Only playable yo-kai in Blasters will appear. Choose your favorite yo-kai and go on a mission! Up to four players can play together, either by local correspondence or via the Internet. You can also play alone.

In Blasters, a large number of yo-kai enemies will appear. While fighting alongside friends to defeat them, aim for the yo-kai leader who is waiting for them. You can trade Oni Orbs obtained in missions against level-up and exclusive items.

In addition, human characters, including observers, will also appear in Blasters. You can control these characters by owning them. When you spot a human character, possess it to borrow his strength! In the battle at the bathroom in the new "Blossom Heights" area, Nate (Keita) and the others will wear their swimsuits.

In addition, Jinpei Jiba, protagonist of the movie Yo-kai Watch of December 13, The Jam: The Yo-kai Academy Y - Can a cat be a hero? and December 27 - the animated series Yo-kai Watch Jam: The Yo-kai Academy Y - Encounter with N - will also appear as a character you can own. How will the protagonist of the all-new Yo-kai Watch Watch series be in action?

* Local multiplayer mode is only supported on Switch.
* Online multiplayer requires PlayStation Plus on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Online on Switch.

New quests added: Become the friend of this yo-kai!

Several new quests have been added, and among them are new stories about Natsume and the Yo-kai Detective Agency, as well as about Shin and his company. By erasing each quest, you can befriend Yo-kai Shien and Fukurou, who appeared as patrons in Yo-kai Watch 4, as well as super-potent yo-kai such as Shuka, Gentou, Hakushu and Kuuten. In addition, there is a quest for special equipment that allows Enma to become Yami Enma.





Yami Enma

Even more new yo-kai

A new strong yo-kai and a return yo-kai have been added. Here is an overview of some of them.

Damona (light / shadow)

Itashi Katanashi (Light) / Yomaoen (shadow)

Kenshin Amaterasu

Gesshin Tsukuyomi

Purchase Bonus and Link Editing Physical Edition

The physical edition of Yo-kai Watch 4+ includes the "Jibanyan Medal and Jinpei Yo-kai Y". By scanning this in the game, you can get a special weapon on the theme of Jibanyan and Jinpei called "Nekoken: Jibanyuckle". Fist). In addition, you can analyze it once a day to receive other useful elements. This will definitely be useful in Pura Pura Blasters. Quantities are limited, so be sure to preorder as you can.

- Medal of jibanyan and Jinpei Yo-kai Y.

-Nekoken: Jibanyuckle.

* To get the "Nekoken: Jibanyuckle", you need to download a free update after the purchase of the game.

Yo-kai Watch 4 ++ should be released on PlayStation 4 and Switch on December 5 in Japan for 6,480 yen. Users who already own Yo-kai Watch: We will see the same sky for Switch will be able to buy the new content as an add-on for 1,650 yen.