Gamedec - Low City details

Gamedec is scheduled to release on PC via Steam in 2020. Anshar Studios has released a new developer diary and screenshots of its story-based and cyberpunk-based RPG, Gamedec featuring Low City, the lower part of the city of Warsaw where the game takes place.

Although the city of Warsaw is not officially divided into districts, they are unofficially divided into upper, middle and lower parts. The inhabitants of these three regions live completely different qualities of life.

Low City is a place where, even in good weather, it is so dark that you can not escape without artificial lighting. It is here that the prices of the apartments fall, that the tubes of the public transport end and that stops of aurocar begin to appear. The lower you get, the lower the population. At the very bottom, called RoU (the roof of the underground city), you can find both deserted places and busy areas.

If you stand on the lowest footbridge of the lower city and look 150 meters down, you will see the mist and dust-covered ruins of old Warsaw. It's Undercity. Inhabited by savages who have rejected civilized life and nasty creatures like poison bats or toxic mutant rats. The lower city is protected from these quirks by MG buoys. Whenever they detect a bat approaching or a rat climbing into one of the towers, they open fire, eliminating the threat.

Temperature discrepancies between Low City and Mid City can cause weather anomalies such as dirty rains created by condensation of steam beneath Mid City's pedestrian walkways. The biggest attraction of Low City are the nightclubs open 24 hours. If you do not come from this polished layer and you intend to visit it, take a few words.

First, watch your account. Do not let anyone suspect, even a child, approaching you without good reason. Second, do not believe everything that is said to you. Third, think twice before going online with local equipment: everything is mimic and recovered, infusion fluids are not original products, and a "cheap gambling pill" can damage your tracks metabolic. So if you decide to use local devices or drugs, do so at your own risk.