Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV details

Koei Tecmo has published new information, screenshots and a developer diary for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV showcasing warrant proposals, foreign tribes, a new set of confirmed playable officers, character traits and scenarios.

Proposals by retainers

The selected officers will propose a variety of commands, from tactics to banquets, to leaders (players) according to their characters and according to what they see on the battlefield. These proposals happen every turn. Taking into account the opinions of the officers, deciding which proposal to execute becomes an important administrative task.

Officers with the Sage character will make proposals more often, which will make them important assets for a Force.

Foreign tribes
When public order goes down, in addition to bandits, foreign tribes appear and cause problems. The tribes are the tribes Wuhuan, Xianbei, Qiang, Shanyue and Nanman. The areas crossed by these tribal units will become empty areas and the player will lose control of this area. Players must quickly handle these units or lose more ground.

In addition to deploying troops to deal with these tribes, another option for dealing with the tribes is the "character" (traits) of the officers, which can prevent certain tribes from appearing in areas to begin with. If the "character" is the same as the opposing tribe, the tribe will become an ally and may appear on enemy territory for a good effect.

-The passage areas of foreign tribal units will be lost to the players who controlled this area. To minimize losses, develop a strategy to stop them.

-With the Qiang character, not only Qiang tribal units do not appear, but they can appear in the territory of an enemy for a good effect.

Zhang Liao

Wei officer. Fought all over the country under Lu Bu, and served Cao Cao after the death of Lu Bu. To defend Hefei, he detained an army of 100,000 Wu with only 800 men.

Gan Ning

Wu officer. Originally a member of the Bright Sails pirates. Discontent with the service under Huang Zu was recruited by Sun Quan forces by Su Fei. Earned the trust of Sun Quan for his services against Huang Zu and Cao Cao in Chibi.

Zhao Yun
Shu officer. Submitted to Liu Bei after serving Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan. In Changban, fight your way through a huge army to find and save Liu Bei's son, Liu Shan. One of Shu's five tiger generals.

Jiang Wei
Shu officer. Originally served Wei but went to Shu during the first northern campaign. Entrusted to the strategies of the dying Zhuge Liang. Attacked the north nine times until Shu's force was completely exhausted.

Jia Xu
Minister of Wei. Served Li Jue but felt neglected and joined Zhang Xiu. Shrewd strategist who defeated Cao Cao's army several times, but then submitted to Cao Cao with Zhang Xiu. Grand Commander of Wei.

Da Qiao
Daughter of Qiao Xuan, wife of Sun Ce of the Wu kingdom. Together with her younger sister, Xiao Qiao, they were known as two of the country's greatest beauties and were called the "two Qiaos". They say that their beauty shone more than any moon or star and put the most beautiful flower to shame.

Xiao Qiao
Qiao Xuan's daughter. She then married Zhou Yu from Wu. With her older sister, Da Qiao, they were called the "two Qiaos". Hearing a rumor spread by Zhuge Liang that Cao Cao was after the Qiao sisters, Zhou Yu persuaded Sun Quan to declare war, ultimately leading Wu to the battle of Chibi.

Sun Shangxiang
Sun Jian's daughter, she was also the younger sister of Sun Ce and Sun Quan. A tomboy, she became very interested in martial arts. When she later became Liu Bei's wife, it is said that her maids of honor were constantly outside her room, dressed in full armor.

Bu Lianshi
Sun Quan's wife. Mother of Sun Luyu and Sun Luban. Sun Quan instantly fell in love with her beauty, which brought the two to get married. Because of her modesty and lack of desire, she extended her relationship with Sun Quan, which led her to be known as the most beloved court woman. She could not become an official empress until after her death.

Liu Shan
Second weak emperor of Shu. Delighted only in his later years and favored eunuch Huang Hao. Only responsible for the fall of Shu, his childhood name later became synonymous with "crazy".

Li Ru
Advisor and son-in-law of Dong Zhuo. The source of many corrupt policies of Dong Zhuo. Saw through the plot to use Diao Chan to assassinate Dong Zhuo, but did not act to prevent it and was subsequently executed with the other conspirators.

Chen Gong
Supervisor Zhang Mou at the end of Han. Accompanied by Cao Cao after Cao Cao did not assassinate Dong Zhou, but left him after witnessing his absence of heart. Later served as an adviser under Lu Bu, but was captured and asked for the death penalty.

Zhu Rong
Wife of Nanman King Meng Huo. Said to have come down from the god of fire. A strong warrior who excelled in the use of flying swords. She captured both Zhang Yi and Ma Zhong alive, but was later captured by Wei Yan and Ma Dai.รงรงรง...